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Role Model

PaquiPaco has his priorities in the right place. He sleeps in the same spot every night, gets up just before dawn, stretches, then goes outside and quietly watches the sun rise. (Unless it’s snowing, when he still wakes and gets some exercise around the house.) He comes back in around 7, eats, and then goes to the backyard to sit in the cool morning and spy on people and animals walking by.

Paco doesn’t drag his butt out bed grumbling, fix himself a caffeinated beverage or go trolling for one at the corner coffee shop, and then look at his email and get in a bad mood because there’s already too much to do before he’s even gone outside. He doesn’t toss and turn thinking about all kinds of nonsense at night, thereby making it difficult to wake in the morning. Paco doesn’t waste time, then run around like a crazy person trying to get all the details together in order to not be late for work.

Paco doesn’t work. He sits, he watches, he goes on rounds, he eats, he sleeps. But he pays a lot of attention. His waking life is meditation. Unlike mine.

Paco knows something I easily forget: that if it’s a beautiful, warm, breezy night you go outside and chill on the porch in the dark. You don’t lay around on the couch surfing TV and feeling overburdened. You don’t flip flop in your bed. The other night when I was opening the front door to let him in because I was going to sleep, I realized how beautiful it was and took a detour: I turned off the porch light and sat my butt on the porch floor in my pajamas in the dark. The breeze made the most beautiful sound through the trees on my property; I could smell my roses; everything was calm. Paco was so excited that I was finally doing the thing that made the most sense, enjoying his ritual with him, that he pranced along the railing above my head, his fluffy body practically cooing happiness.

There’s no back to school week for Paco. Paco has no responsibilities, thanks to me. Still, he reminds me what it looks like to just be. To be present. To pause in all this running around after stupid stuff and be present.

Time to join him in the garden, where I can finish my tea without multitasking.



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